Monday, February 15, 2010

Uncle J


On Friday my grandmother buried the last of her boys. Though my heart aches with grief and sadness because of the loss of my uncle, her heart seems to be shattered. My heart aches for her.  As a child, I never imagined that these men that I loved and looked up to, who seemed so strong and indispensable, would be gone so soon.   Please lift us up in prayers as we wade through this difficult time.

My uncle was a gentle giant. He had a laugh that seemed to roll out of him and a heart that was tender and full of love. He and I shared a special bond, we both loved my daddy. When Daddy died, we became closer than ever before. He and Daddy were identical twins, and I was Daddy's only child. I think we saw him in each other and wanted to hold on to that. There was never a time that we were together that we did not laugh and reminisce about different stories of them growing up, or me as a little girl. He told the best stories. I am so thankful for these last years that we had to grow closer and for all the memories that flood my heart and thoughts even now.

I love you Uncle J.

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April said...

Heather, I am so sorry for your loss. Love you.