Thursday, March 4, 2010

Somethings Can't be Learned, They Must be Remembered.

The following clip is from the Legend of Bagger Vance. I recently saw this movie for the first time. It was quite an emotional experience for me that I did not expect. The movie had so many levels to it. I loved the symbolism and complexity of the story line. In my favorite clip, Rannulph Junuh has carried the weight of something that happened to him for too long. It has paralyzed him to really move forward in life, and has caused him to forget who he once was. In the scene Bagger Vance, who seems to me to be symbolic of God in his life, speaks truthful yet tenderly with him. He calls Junuh out of the shadows that has held him and into the light of hope, reminding him of who he really is and reassuring him that he is and was never alone. Beautiful.

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April said...

Love this! I might just post it on my blog! Love you girl, I hope you are doing well.