Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I love CVS!

In the last few months I have been desperately trying to save our family money. Thanks to CVS and Extra Care Bucks, I now have enough toiletries for three years without spending very much money at all.

In case you have never heard of Extra Care Bucks, the jest of it is this: You spend money on things that you are able to receive ECB's back on, you then, when possible, pair coupons with those items, the result is then that you receive ECB, which are essentially like gift certificates to CVS. If you then take those ECB's and spend them on things that offer more ECB's, you spend no more money, but get more gift certificates. Does that make sense?

By using this system, and cutting many coupons, I have now seven baskets of toiletries that range from shampoo and toothpaste to ear rinse and back rub ointment. It has been great! A great website to learn more is www.couponmom.com

Here is an example of deals I got this month.
  • I paid 7.99 for Ear Rinse and received 7.99 back in ECB's on the end of my receipt.
  • I then went back and bought another Ear Rinse, but I paid with the 7.99 ECB's that I received in the previous transaction. I then received another 7.99 in ECB's back on my receipt.
  • Next, I bought one energy drink for 4.99 and one children's aspirin for 1.99. I paid with the 7.99 ECB's and I then received back two ECB's, one for 4.99 and one for 1.99.
  • I got $22.96 worth of items for 7.99, plus 6.98 in ECB's to spend on the next trip.

I will try to post more of the deals that I get along the way.

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