Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Mismatched Socks

It is late in the evening and I am sitting on the couch, curled up, watching my television line up: Biggest Loser and then Life. The Husband sits down and I decide to stretch out to get more comfortable. "Hey!" He says, "Those are my socks!" He is so observant. I defensively say, "I could not find any of mine that matched so I went and got yours." Then I smile. He does not smile, and looks at the socks like this is the last time he will ever see them together.

This is so telling of us. He always has his stuff in the right place at the right time. Me, on the other hand, a totally different story. The truth is I spent a good 30 minutes this morning looking for two socks that matched. I had at least 25 single socks laid out on the bed, none of which I could I find a matching partner. So naturally, I put all my unmatched socks back in my drawer, suspecting that the washer has somehow swallowed up all of my lonely lost matches, and went straight for The Husbands stash.

I realize that I could have worn two unmatched socks today, but sometimes a perfect pair is what you need. I found a website that specializes in nothing but mismatched things. Their socks come in packs of three! Maybe I should start getting all my socks from there....

It is called Little Miss Matched.

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