Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Cooler Cleanse

Last week I had the privilege to try and review a one day juice cleanse by Cooler Cleanse. Cooler Cleanse is a company that has developed a nutritional cleanse that fills your body with all the nutrients and vitamins that may have been missing.The juices are mostly organic and they are endorsed by celebrity Selma Hayek, who says it is her go to to get red carpet ready.  Customers have four options to choose from when cleansing: a 3-day, 5-day, custom, or raw food + cleanse. Until now, Cooler Cleanse could only be used if you lived within the New York area, but on July 19 they began shipping nationwide.  

I was so excited to get my juices which arrived in an overnight box from New York. They arrived cold and fresh at my door before 10 a.m.  

Each bottle was labeled with numbers so I would know which juice to drink next. I began drinking immediately in the morning and I had a juice ever 2-3 hours.  There were five juice flavors: a green juice, a grapefruit mint, a red juice with beets and apples, young coconut water, and nut milk sweetened with dates. The green juice was really light and fresh, and not too sweet. The grapefruit mint juice was my favorite. It was delicious! It was the perfect mix of tang and sweet. The mint kept the flavor lingering in my mouth after I was finished. I have actually craved more of the grapefruit mint juice since finishing the cleanse and thanks to the custom plan I can order more anytime.   

The red juice was a little hard for me to swallow for some reason. I liked the flavor, but I think I was beginning to have my full on juice. The coconut water was refreshing and the nut milk was like a dessert, almost too sweet.

Overall I really enjoyed the cleanse and I would do it again except next time I would have more grapefruit mint juice and maybe skip the nut milk and coconut water.  I was not hungry the whole day. As a matter of fact, at the end of the day I was almost too full. I had plenty of energy, felt fantastic, and I lost a pound. 

The cost of the cleanse is about 58.00 a day plus shipping and handling. The price is pretty high, but it would cost way more for you to juice all these fruit and vegetables at home, so in the end I think it is worth it.

For those of you who are new to cleansing, their website Coolercleanse.com offers a quick cooler cleanse overview, which I posted below:

Stage 1:
  • Choose the Cooler Cleanse that is right for you.
  • Check our schedule for the start date that suits you best and check availability.
  • Place your order. If desired, order The Raw Cooler for one to three days before your Cooler Cleanse.
  • Book any treatments such as massages and colonics you may want during or right after your Cooler Cleanse.
  • For one to three days before the juices arrive, begin eating the Cooler way.
Stage 2:

  • Receive your first delivery of juices packed in ice the morning you begin your Cooler Cleanse.
  • Follow the juice cleanse process as outlined here, for all three or five days. Remember to include optional enhancement activities or treatments when possible.
  • If you are doing the 5-Day cleanse, you will receive a second delivery of juices.
Stage 3:

  • After the last day, transition out of the juice cleanse for one to three days by eating the Cooler way.
  • Gradually return to regular eating habits at your own pace. Do not return immediately to lavish, rich meals!
  • Take some time to notice how certain foods and drinks you consumed automatically before the cleanse make you feel now. Many people find this is a natural time to let go of some unhelpful habits. 
Happy Cleansing!

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